Developed over many years and already in extensive use, Aston Foods vacuum cooling systems make use of patented technology to deliver stunning savings in both cooling time and energy use. On top of this, the technology also delivers improved product quality and extended shelf life, making this innovation a revolution in baking technology. Typically, cooling times can be reduced by over 85%, and baking energy by 20%, and the technology can be used across a wide product range, including breads, patisserie, sweet and savoury pies, sponges, muffins, flapjacks, and many others. The product quality improvements are equally as impressive as the economic benefits, including improved crumb structure, improved volume and up to a 50% improvement in shelf life. Gluten free products in particular can achieve significant improvements in texture, shape and volume of product.

Aston Foods offers both continuous and batch equipment, making retro-fitting to current operations just as feasible as inclusion in a new plant specification.

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