Mecatherms new fta tunnel oven

A new modular tunnel oven that was one of the stars of the show at IBIE in Las Vegas last month is now being made available to British and Irish plant bakers and food manufacturers.

Called the FTA and made by MECATHERM, a world leading designer and manufacturer of industrial baker equipment, the oven is claimed to have taken levels of control to new heights.

It is available in Britain and Ireland through Epsom-based EPP, the company that has been supplying, installing and maintaining tunnel ovens for well over 40 years and has what is believes is an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and technical expertise which customers can call upon.

Given its debut at IBIE, the FTA is described a continuous, precise, accurate and upgradable single deck tunnel oven which can be controlled from start to finish and is the only oven of its kind to offer such high levels of performance and control.

This was enthusiastically confirmed by EPP managing director Steve Merritt. On his return from the other side of the Atlantic he explained: “The key to the FTA’s flexibility is that bakers can chose between convection and radiant heat in both the top and bottom of the oven while they can go for radiant or convection heat in the bottom of the oven.”

“This means there are six possible baking combinations from one single of equipment. And this level of control means that because you can bake in all types of trays and tins and, in addition, directly on the hearth it is suitable for virtually every type of bakery product from crusty and soft breads and rolls, sweet and savoury pastries, to pizzas and even crème caramel.”

The system consists of separate modules with the baker able to set the baking parameters in each and therefore able to be full control of the bake allowing them to able to consistently produce high quality products.

Although the oven is able to impressively generate up to100kw/m² (25kW per m2 recommended for bakery application) it does not consume high amounts of energy. This rapid heat generation helps reduce baking time and limit water losses in order to avoid excessively thick or dry crusts being formed.,

MECATHERM’s data shows the FTA uses 15% less energy for the same amount of output when compared with a traditional cyclothermic tunnel oven. The consumption of gas, and electricity plus that of compressed air and steam plus and baking discharges can be controlled over defined periods i.e. days, weeks and months and are available at all times.

Mr Merritt revealed that MECATHERM has now installed over 750 automatic lines in bakeries in 57 different countries and is currently installing a new line per week somewhere in the world.