Based in Epsom, Surrey European Process Plant has been supplying the very best plant and equipment from leading specialist European manufacturers to British and Irish bakers for more than  45 years. Our team of highly skilled, factory trained field engineers has installed and maintains equipment in most of the country’s biggest and most successful bakery businesses.

We always employ a highly consultative sales process and the experience of our skilled manufacturers, most of which have test bakeries, can then be drawn upon to ensure that customers always get what they need.

Discussions always start with the end product. We realise that some customers still see automation as a necessary evil with their main focus being the finished product. Understanding this we strive to ensure that they are able to make their product to the same high quality but as efficiently as possible. The solution is always tailored to meet customer’s needs.

We offer a complete package of production equipment. Bakers and food manufacturers can draw upon the many years experience that the EPP team has accumulated in the industry.


With thousands of EPP supplied machines in daily use, we can also put you in touch with other companies who have installed our equipment. Visits to see the equipment in a working environment, can answer many questions and provide an opportunity to share experiences.

Our manufacturers test facilities are also available allowing you to be away from the everyday trials and tribulations that running a successful bakery can bring.

We always make sure the equipment we supply complies fully with all relevant safety standards and prepare all the necessary HSE documentation such as the risk assessment and method statement which are required for every installation.