For batch or continuous cooling and freezing, EPP has a solution which meets all capacity requirements in the modern bakery for both craft and industrial bakeries and some other types of food manufacturers. Using the latest technology available, including vacuum cooling EPP is able to offer equipment which precisely matches each customer’s requirements.

If you are looking for batch systems using trays or racks, MIWE offers a complete range of refrigeration equipment including retarders, refrigerators, cold rooms, freezers and blast chillers/freezers. From a small number of trays to chambers from one rack capacity to over 200 racks EPP can specify a MIWE system to meet each customer’s requirements.

For continuous cooling and freezing systems EPP is able to offer different solutions depending on the product and the process. For continuous production of bread and pastry products on trays EPP is able to offer the Mecatherm  MVS cooling and freezing system which can be specified for very large production capacities (e.g. in excess of 7,500 baguettes per hour). EPP can also offer the Mecatherm  MDC Multi-level Dynamic Cooler which is ideal when flexibility in cooling time is required and buffering capacity is needed.

Very significant and exciting developments have been achieved in the vacuum cooling of bakery products. EPP is able to offer vacuum cooling for both batch and continuous production for a wide range of products. EPP works with Aston Foods who are the world leaders in vacuum cooling technology for the baking industry.

Vacuum cooling offers major advantages including dramatic reduction of cooling time, huge energy savings, space required for a given cooling capacity, reduced baking times and longer shelf life as a result of the rapid cooling.

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