EPP is able to offer solutions for almost every requirement for bulk storage and handling of powders for the food industry from its specialist manufacturer Esteve. The most common powders stored are flour and sugar but Esteve offers automatic systems for minor and micro ingredients from one or two different ingredients to 30 or more. From large silos over 60 tonnes capacity, bulk bags of 1 tonne or small storage hoppers for micro ingredients Esteve has the right solution.

Esteve offer fully and semi-automatic solutions which cover the different stages of the liquid and powder raw materials logistics process through the production of bakery and other food products.

Esteve offer equipment solutions from bulk or bagged delivery to supplying the mixers, via the different processes of:


Process control

Esteve also produces all of its own software for the different types of recipe control systems which it offers. With the importance of batch traceability,  experience and proven capability of designing and manufacturing systems which allow each batch to be traced makes Esteve a world leader in this technology.

Equipment for Flour Mills

Esteve also offers comprehensive systems for flour millers as well as silo including blending and filling plants and bulk storage plants for non-food powders

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