EPP offers a comprehensive range of automatic and semi-automatic production lines for nearly every bakery product on the market today. From bread (all types), rolls, brioches, pizzas, pies (sweet and savoury), cakes, biscuits.


For large bread products, EPP offers production lines for tinned bread from Mecatherm Gouet, make-up equipment for ciabatta and other artisanal bread types from KoenigMecatherm and Minipan. For high capacity production of baguettes, half-baguettes and petits pains, the French company Mecatherm is the recognised world leader.

Morning Goods, Rolls, Brioches

From small automatic machines for supermarket in-store bakeries to production lines with a capacity of over 36,000 pieces per hour, Koenig has the perfect solution for every customer’s capacity needs when it comes to the manufacture of morning goods, rolls, brioches, fruit buns, ball and ring doughnuts, hot dog and hamburger rolls.

Pizza, Pitta, Naan Bread, Flat Breads

For producing pizza, pitta and naan bread EPP offers different solutions from Koenig and Minipan. Specialist lines for ultra thin flat breads and other bread snack products such as grissini are supplied by Minipan.

Cake, and Confectionery

Whether it be muffins, cup cakes, loaf cakes, tray-bakes, layer cakes, round cakes, bar cakes, madelines, brownies or flapjack, Comas offer medium and high capacity, highly automated make-up lines from paper cup de-nesting to de-panning and cooling the product and placing into the final packaging if required. For small to medium production requirements Minipan offer an excellent range of cake depositing lines.

Pies (Sweet and Savoury)

EPP provides a solution for the manufacture of almost every types of pie, sweet and savoury. Comas is a world leader in the field of automatic pie machines covering production capacities from under 1,000 pieces per hour to over 45,000 per hour.


EPP offers a variety of different equipment to meet the needs of the UK and Ireland’s biscuit manufacturers for deposited, wire-cut, extruded and co-extruded products. For production on trays EPP offers solutions from Comas and Minipan. For high capacity production directly onto the band of a steelband tunnel oven, Comas has the answer.

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