EPP offers a comprehensive range of mixing equipment for bakery and food production applications including bread and roll doughs, cake batters, meringues and mallows, creams (dairy and non-dairy), butter/fats, fillings (sweet and savoury) and liquids.

Mixing for the bakery
For dough and cake batter mixing in the baking industry, VMI is able to offer solutions from 5kg batches to automatic systems producing over 10 tonnes of dough per hour. The large industrial solutions can be continuous,  high speed batch or high capacity in-line or rotary carousel systems which can replicate complex dough processes automatically.

The different types of VMI batch mixers include spiral (single and double), fork, planetary and high speed horizontal dough kneaders. VMI is able to offer the correct mixer for every customer whether it be a small artisanal baker  or a factory producing several tons of product per hour.

VMI is the world leader when it comes to continuous dough mixing with approximately 300 systems installed worldwide for applications including artisanal bread , bread rolls, baguettes,brioche, ciabatta, croissants, puff pastry and pizza with capacities from 1 tonne to over 10 tonnes per hour. The VMI Verymix continuous mixer is ideal where a customer has long production runs of each product.

With the increase in demand for artisanal products with traditional long process times involving dough fermentation to enhance product flavour, VMI offers industrial capacity automatic and semi-automatic systems which incorporate bulk dough fermentation. For liquid mixing and blending VMI’s Rayneri range of mixers provides solutions for all production requirements. When mixing/aerating sponge batters, meringues, cream (dairy and non-dairy) for bakery products Haas Mondomix offer automatic systems for the aeration of these types of batter and cream.

The Haas Mondomix continuous aeration systems offer consistent and very accurate control of the mixing (aeration) process which results in a very consistent and even cell structure of the finished product . Haas Mondomix offer systems with capacities from 50kg per hour to over 4,000kg per hour.

EPP also supplies many Haas Mondomix aeration systems to the dairy industry for the manufacture of dairy desserts (mousses, fools, whipped cream etc.).

Continuous butter and fat mixing/blending systems for pastry and cake production plants from EPP’s specialist supplier Simon, offers automatic solutions for plasticising fat for applications such as puff pastry production which eliminates the need to allocate large areas for tempering the butter/fat.

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