Colussi Ermes specialise in the design and manufacture of advanced washing machines for all types of trays, baskets, crates etc. used in the food industry (and other industries too).

Colussi design equipment to meet the specific washing requirements for each individual customer. They offer batch or continuous plants. Apart from having excellent washing performance, Colussi advanced washing systems feature:

– Bespoke design to meet each customers precise requirements

– Extremely energy efficiency

– Industry leading reduction in water usage

– Wash efficiently without the use of detergents

– Hygienic design – designed for ease of cleaning

– Use of rubber or plastic gaskets eliminated

– Low noise in operation

– Trays washed bottom down avoiding the need to turn the trays in the washing process. (including four-sided, muffin trays with deep moulds and indented trays)


Colussi has advanced washing solutions for the following:

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