Minipan is a leading manufacturer of equipment for forming bread snacks, flat breads, artisan and speciality breads. This includes equipment that allows creative bakers to move into the production of bread sticks and bread snacks – markets with potential for substantial growth. Minipan also specialize in lines for gluten free bread and snack products, currently enjoying very high growth. The company is also a leading supplier of low stress dough sheeting lines.

Minipan’s tray depositor for cookies and biscuits has been noted for its versatility, value for money and having the features every baker needs. Developed in response to customer’s demands the new machine can deposit or wire cut while processing an endless variety of recipes.

If you are looking to make bread snacks or grow a specialist or niche biscuit and cookie business you should be talking to EPP about how Minipan can turn a dream into reality.




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