We are delighted to announce the successful completion of a management buyout of EPP Ltd.

For 45 years ago EPP has been at the forefront of enabling baking innovation in the UK & Ireland, supplying the best in bakery equipment from an unrivalled group of specialist manufacturers from across Europe

Previous owners Keith Stalker and Josie Mitchell are stepping back from the business, but will give ongoing support to the management team, which comprises Steve Merritt, Stewart Morris, Melissa James and Roger Mott.

Managing Director Steve Merritt said, “We are enthusiastic and positive about the opportunities for EPP in the years ahead and committed to ensuring the continued success of the business.  We will build on the reputation so successfully established by the business whilst also seeking out opportunities to grow in the years ahead.

“It’s a real honour to have the opportunity to lead a company that has such a heritage and acknowledged expertise in the bakery sector.  Whilst the political uncertainty of Brexit swirls around us, the depth of knowledge and experience within EPP means that we will continue to provide rock steady advice, ensuring customers get the right solutions to meet their needs.”

“We know that the high level of innovation in the bakery sector will continue and we are here to ensure that our customers can find the means of efficiently producing both their current ranges and the exciting new products of tomorrow.”

“The equipment we offer is more encompassing than ever, enabling us to satisfy the production demands of our customers, many of whom we have worked with for years.  We are extremely proud of the long-standing partnerships that we have with our European equipment manufacturers and look forward to continuing to serve the UK and Ireland baking industry.”