The equipment your bakery needs
  • ‘We sell productivity’……We live in a competitive world, one where prosperity depends upon investment in quality manufacturing and in continuous cost improvement. All of our manufacturing partners design and produce bakery equipment that combines the best of artisanal, high quality production techniques with excellent reliability and cost performance.

  • Established over 45 years ago, EPP has grown steadily and is now based in purpose built premises at Epsom, Surrey. Our staff members work throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as with our manufacturing partners throughout Europe including Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands.

  • EPP supports its customers from detailed specification to final commissioning and on into after sales maintenance and support. Our sales, project management, installation, maintenance and spares team members have combined experience of several hundred years in the baking and food production industries. Experience you can rely on.

  • The unmatched choice of baking and food processing equipment available from EPP enables us to offer our customers the best possible solutions for the production of high quality traditional and speciality products including: bread, morning goods, cake, confectionery, pies, pastry, pizzas, biscuits and desserts.

  • For over 45 years EPP has been supplying the very best plant and equipment from leading specialist European manufacturers to the British and Irish baking and food manufacturing industries.

    We have installed and maintain equipment in many of the biggest and most successful baked goods suppliers in Britain and Ireland.


Colussi Ermes specialise in the design and manufacture of advanced washing machines for all types of trays, baskets, crates etc.

Dough and cake batter mixers for artisanal and industrial bakers. We offer batch, carousel and continuous mixing equipment from 5kg to 10 tonnes per hour.

World leaders in continuous aeration systems for cream (dairy and non-dairy), cake batter, mallows, meringues and dairy desserts such as mousses and fruit fools.

Artisan and industrial radiant and convection batch ovens (rack, deck and bake-off), provers and retarder provers plus automatic loading/unloading systems.

Specialists in bread snack production lines for flatbreads, grissini and similar products. Also major in dough sheeting lines and depositing equipment.

World’s leading roll plant producer serving both artisanal and industrial bakeries. Koenig’s programme also includes stress-free dough lines and ring doughnut equipment.

Make-up plant, provers, continuous ovens, coolers, freezers and completely automated turnkey plant for the high capacity production of artisanal bread, pastry, cakes and pizza.

Slicers, flow wrapping and bagging machines for all bakery products. Slicing and cutting machine range includes reciprocating, band and ultrasonic models for all capacities.

Silo and automated dry ingredient handling systems, including in-line sifting, recipe control and batch tracing data for flour and other powder and liquid ingredients.

Single machines to turnkey production lines for cake, biscuits, pies and pizza including depositing, injecting, paper cup de-nesting and de-panning/robotic pick-and-place systems.


European Process Plant Ltd. has completed a management buyout led by managing director Steve Merritt.  


Our unparalleled choice of equipment enables you to consistently make the highest quality traditional and speciality baked products.


The one stop shop for all the machinery your bakery will ever need from the silo all the way down the line to the freezer.